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hold me in your arms I'll be buried here with you
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I'm not normal and I don't pretend so, nyan!

A silly Armin closet cosplay. :3 [GOSH my freckles are everywhere and I did not have any time to style the wig accurately and kcjkljffg]
( Would anybody be interested in an ask-blog? )

August 2, 2013 with 32 notes
  1. goofygoldengirl answered: Um you look cute :)
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  4. savageheroine said: oh god, this is so adorable, asdfghjkl
  5. dark-snowflake answered: DO EEEEEET!!44!
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  8. dreamingofketchup answered: OMGOMGOMGOMG An ask-blog do it, do it now! OwO
  9. dostmotherknowyou answered: yesyesyesyesplzzzzz <33333 you’re beautiful by the way!
  10. is2gsremade said: you make such a great armin ahhh~. an ask blog would be amazing >w<
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